Outfits con leggins
On this occasion I want to share a gallery that will become without doubt the basic of basic , as I show you many ideas and different ways to use leggings , so if you also love leggings this information is for you and will love .
The leggings are one of the most versatile garments . They are very comfortable and are used in both summer and winter, it is common to take them with long garments to feel more comfortable. Since it hit the market it has become almost essential . Blacks are the most typical and is logical because they combine with many of the garments in our wardrobe, so we will see some combinations with black leggings , which will surely help you take ideas.
NO dare never combine them with short blouses or shirts short office : even if we have a beautiful body, leggings are not pants and should therefore not be matched ! can be combined with short dresses or short skirts , leggings until the calf is not the best option : it is better to avoid them , the figure is reduced , diminishing the stature and makes us see clients a gym. Rather buy the long leggings to the ankles. If you’re skinny , you can use up calf leggings .. you will look great and sports .
So with these tips in conjunction with the gallery that I leave you down here you have many options as you can use, I hope you like them a lot.

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