(Español) Tatuajes para mamás

Tattoos on the neck for women Algunos de los simbolos mas utilizados para tatuajes que hagan referencia a la maternidad son los elefantes, también puedes añadir las iniciales del nombre de tu hijo o hijos, los corazones, flores y fechas de nacimiento son otro de los detalles mas usados, por ejemplo si tienes mas de […]

Tattoos of roses for women

Tattoos of roses for women   Choosing a tattoo can be difficult and long task, months, even years. And is that if we are not 100% sure that we want to do our best is that we do not. Also consider what they say that once you get a tattoo you will not be able […]

Tattoos under the chest Do you dare?

Tattoos under the chest Do you dare?   We often share ideas of tattoos because today women are breaking with all the schemes that had been imposed on our society, nowadays it is more common that many girls choose to tattoo and is super good, if they feel identified with something that does not There […]

Back Tattoo Ideas for Women

Back Tattoo Ideas for Women   In today’s post I want to share to all our readers different ideas of tattoos on the back for women that among all the proposals that I found surely some can find the design that always has wanted or that imagines that could be done, all the ideas Are […]