Vest blazer outfits

Today I share with you all a very strong tendency f in The clothing of this 2016 and comes to the use of vests or vest jacket as they are known in the United States increasingly look more and more in Mexico so if you have no one you run a buy , because paragraph Stay arrived for a long time .

The vests have the advantage that they can be used in both hot weather and colder seasons , because you can use it with or without sleeves almost all kinds of clothes , longer tank tops , dresses to give them a more elegant touch, with pants dress for more formal looks , or in cold time to create those layers that we love .

Check out the gallery that I leave you down here so you can see all the options out there , you can get them in colors that you like or more combinable for you to use with most of your clothes. The colors that I like me are white, black and I’d like a rose , How about this trend? My loved me , I hope you like you too.

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