30 ideas of wicks balayage blonde ash

Today I want to share some ideas with all the girls who are looking for ideas to paint their hair, which will inspire them to dye it with the best trend of all time. The balayage wicks. That’s why I want you to look at the 30 ideas of blonde balayage wicks that I found to share them. I hope you like them as much as me and that you can consider some of the ideas for a possible change in your hair soon. Remember that they are an excellent option for when you want to make a change in your hair, without it being so drastic.


No matter what length of hair you bring, it is perfect for all types of hair, if your hair tends to fade reddish or orange, the ash tones will be your great allies so that this does not happen anymore. It may be strong the treatment that your hair passes if you want to discolor it a lot but believe me it is worth it, then you can be applying treatments to make it repaired and not be mistreated as much. Do not forget to constantly tint your wicks so that you do not lose that tone you wanted.

It looks amazing with simple hairstyles like natural waves, or completely straight hair. It complements with hair cuts in layers and well stylized so that it is seen with body your hair and this way you will be easier the time to comb it. I invite you to look at the rest of the 30 ideas of blond balayage wicks for your hair that I found to share.

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