Hi, I do not know if it happens to you but sometimes I use certain beauty tips that get me out of trouble, for me they are essential and maybe no one will ever tell them, that’s why today I decided to share them with you, it might already be You know them or you have used some but, but my goal in https://www.facebook.com/beautyandfashionideas/ is to give you ideas to make your life easier when it comes to dressing and maqillarte

Sometimes we want our lips to appear with more volume, for this we recomimnedof use an eyeliner pencil with which you can draw your lips by the edge and then use a lipstick the same tone as the eyeliner, to fine adds a touch of a lip a Little more clear in the center that will help you to give effect of greater volume.

Another excellent tip to keep our skin soft and moisturized is to use an exfoliant that has a moisturizer, for me the easiest and cheapest is to use a combination of sugar honey and a spoonful of coconut oil, just mix all the ingredients and give gentle massages In your skin in the form of circles to remove dead cells and the moisturizer of coconut oil to penetrate your skin.