Balayage for blondes


This time we want to share the best ideas you can apply to your hair as the strongest trend this 2016 hair with balayage highlights, and for blondes is an excellent idea because they can play with natural contrasts that has its this style hair and they look beautiful , I hope you like the proposals we bring to show .


When you think wicks probably comes into your mind the image of the full head of squares of aluminum foil or even the classic hat. But considering that the reflections in the hair and mix colorations are full trend, ” balayage ” prevails in barber shops as the most wanted art to obtain a more natural and durable finish. And although it is not a new technique, which many famous the lead and the beauty instagrammers mention it every other day also brought back now stronger than ever.



The technique of ” balayage ” is to apply highlight hair ( wicks, finally after all) with a brush or comb without aluminum foil so that the result looks natural and enlighten strategic points of the hair and face. The coloring is applied freehand , picking locks more or less asymmetric and may choose to dye from the root form , respect the natural base or even dyeing only the tips to get a Californian wicks .


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