Balayage trend in short hair

One of the favorite trends of all time in terms of hair color has undoubtedly been the balayage style, since it gives us luminosity to the face, makes us look younger and looks beautiful, our hair comes alive, so if you have Short hair also have the opportunity to be able to paint it this way, it looks the same or more beautiful than in long hair, you will love it!

Short hair with different shades of red

There are different shades of this style, so whatever your skin tone you also surely find the most favorable for you, I recommend 100% that this work you do with a professional, since it is a trend that if it does not apply The right way can mistreat your hair a lot and not be of the best quality, so honestly worth investing in a good stylist if you do not want to suffer consequences.

I leave you with the gallery here below so that you look at all the options that we find to share, do not hesitate to put into practice the one you liked the most, and remember that you can share the ideas with family and friends whom you think may interest you Some of the ideas.

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