Hair in reddish tones A trend that does not go out of style!

Today I want to take the opportunity to share some color proposals to all the girls who read us and who would like to make a change of look but do not know that it would be good. The red color is one of the hair tones that best fit all people. Since it could be called a classic color that looks good in brunettes or in white. Of course there are also a great variety of shades from which you can choose the one that catches your attention or the one that you think will look better on you. We only share some ideas of what you can do in your hair. I hope you like ideas a lot.


Cabello en tonalidades rojizas ¡Una tendencia que no pasa de moda!


Surely you also come to the opinion that the color red is a very daring and striking color, ideal for girls who like to draw attention and stand out from the rest, since they will see or see you wherever you go.


Cabello en tonalidades rojizas ¡Una tendencia que no pasa de moda!


If you do not dare to paint your hair completely red, what you can do is to take your base hair to create some strands or layers of hair in this color, it looks amazing in dark tones, because it highlights the color much more. You can take inspiration from the image below for this option.



Many girls who like to experiment try to make balayage style but in reddish tones, more or less would look something very similar to the image below, in long hair I imagine that would also look amazing. So if you like the balayage trend and also the red color I think it’s an idea worth trying. Would you do it?



Or you can paint it evenly, that for this option there are also many alternatives, there are reds lighter, brighter than others, or also darker. You can ask for suggestions from the girl who will paint you or the beauty salon, so that they recommend a tone that goes with your skin tone. As you will see in the image below the girl is super white and her red color is very intense but throwing a violet tone. Do you like the idea?



This last option is very similar to the first one in which I suggest you make strands in your hair, this style you see below is rather a daring variation of the wicks Ombre hair, or balayage, are thicker wicks with more red and As you only focus from media to tips, so if you do not like blonde balayage wicks this option is for you You will see impact!



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