Hair color for brown skin

One of the most common skin is the tan tone, this skin has many advantages over others as the appearance of lines of expression in it is much later or almost not noticed. You have many shades of hair that is what I want to do today, share some of the ideas that I saw that are most imitated for this skin tone, you will see some caramel tones, with lights and flashes that makes the body look The girl that uses it, looks incredible in any length you have so do not hesitate to try any of our proposals. I hope you like ideas a lot.

Ideas to paint your hair in pastel colors

The most recommended colors for brown skin are chestnut in all its variables, it can be dark to clear. It looks very natural this color I recommend for girls who like natural tones but want to see different. Another thing that you can do and it looks very well is that to these shades you add lights or wicks of color that the only thing that will do is to give shine and body to your hair. There are other shades to which you can also make lights but you look more drastically the change like the balayage or the Californian wicks in caramel tones or light coffee. They are still very natural but the change is noticeable.

You can make more extreme changes in brown hair but the wicks can be clearer, almost blonde but in combination with a brown base they are perfect for brunettes, different tones you can try until you find the one that feels better, you I invite you to look at the gallery so that you can see all the options you have to try, I hope you like the ideas a lot, do not take the urge to try them.