Styles of braids in buns

One of the hairstyles that can not miss anything in the world in your hair especially this season of heat are the chongos, these hairstyles that came to facilitate the existence, since they are a hairstyle very easy to achieve and that gives us the feeling of Be combed all the time. As in all hairstyles there are many variants of this hairstyle and today we want to dedicate the full post to this, they are braid styles in chongos that look more elaborate and that will allow you to give a more original touch to the hairstyle Typical of the summer, I hope you like very much all the ideas that I found and that you can put them into practice.


You can achieve hundreds of hairstyles for different occasions, for example if you make a high chongo and leave a thick tuft at the bottom you can make a braid woven up to join that lock with the rest of the hair, you will get a chongo with a braid under the. It looks amazing and this hairstyle depending on how you combine it you can use it for formal or casual events. Some hairstyles are more neat than others, for example if you have an event at night I recommend you skip it more than if you will wear it for the day, that is why we see so many hairstyles with strands out because it seeks to give a more relaxed air to hairstyle.


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I know that this season is the best hairstyle for any girl so if it is for you also do not hesitate to try some of those proposals will look lovely, remember that no matter the length of the hair will always look good in any hair style, So I’ll leave you to look at the rest of the braid styles in chongos that you can try this season of heat, but I hope you like them as much as me and that you can try them for your day to day, do not forget that you can share these ideas With family and friends that you think you might be interested in ideas.


Estilos de trenzas en chongos


You can do the braids on the sides or the bottom, it all depends on the cut style you have in the hair, if you have long or even layers, either one will look good.




This was one of the most imitated hairstyles all over 2016 and promises to remain the favorite of the heat season this 2017, the bun is super easy to do but if you need to have long hair.



You can also make the braid on the top, look how amazing it looks plus it is easier to do above and below Do you like it?



Try to do it as you see it in the image in two pigtails, if you have a lot of hair I do not recommend that you do but if you have little and very long this hairstyle is ideal for you.


Here we see a variation of the typical braid under the chongo, the best thing about it is that you can do it in straight hair or in Chinese hair.


Here we see a variation of the typical braid under the chongo, the best thing about it is that you can do it in straight hair or in Chinese hair.



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All kinds of braids you can add to this hairstyle, whatever you do you can try in your chongo, this is the most typical image Do you like?


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