Ideas for photos of the groom and friends
You’ve been almost a year planning the wedding of your dreams, the cake is like you want , your dress must be perfect, your makeup , bla bla What about the boyfriend? I think so far the organization women in at least we think is the boyfriend and we are so excited about what else might happen , I do not say that to pass them all but some .
Should be as important to him as for you , so you must also feel very special that day so today I gave the task of looking for ideas photo sessions that make them the groom and his friends before the wedding , or after it all depends on what they decide , and I found some amazing ideas that loved me and I am sure that you too will like.
There are many ideas that if everything depends on the personality and tastes of each pair choose what kind of pictures they want to take because you can meet with many droll , very funny and daring couples who want to make that side the day of their wedding , however other if they will be very droll and funny and what you want but the wedding day want to keep it as romantic , serious and carefully as possible , so I mention it all depends on personalities , so I invite you to look at the photo gallery that I prepared for you , hoping you like them a lot.

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