Ideas to paint your hair in pastel colors

In this occasion I want to share an incredible gallery of how you can paint your hair in pastel tones, the blond, brown or dark are already a tone more, what today is to paint your hair in daring tones and to highlight a little more your image and Personality, so I think that these tones are for people more daring who likes extreme changes and be constantly changing as these colors have to be retouched every 15 days minimum or change it for another color so that it continues to see intense.

Add glamor to your looks with these hairstyles

My favorite tones are undoubtedly blue and purple, are the colors that stand out and look very feminine, check the geria that I leave here below so you can see all the options there, I hope you like several and put them in practice. Change the look!

Tendencia Balayage en el pelo corto


Looks hair in fantasy colors

Red hair a trend that never goes out of style

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