Makeup of eyes in different styles

If you and me and most women love the theme of makeup and makeup, I’m sure that all these ideas that we find to share you are going to love, they are different precious ideas of how to make up our eyes . They are options that you can implement in any event that you have since you give the intensity that you want, there are different styles from the most natural to the most worked. I hope you like all the ideas very much.

Makeup for brown skin

In the gallery that I prepared for you you will see some ideas of how to perfectly complement the makeup of your eyes with the rest of your face, since when you want to emphasize the look, the eyes are very loaded and the rest of the face is sought to leave The most natural possible, giving a healthy look to our face we comply with this point, as for lips depending on what color or how dark we leave our lips will choose the color of mouth, the most used today are nude colors Or very light browns, pastel pinks and peach color.

I leave you with the gallery so you can see all the ideas that you can put into practice in your face, identify your face type and your skin tone so that you make the best combinations, I hope you like them a lot and do not hesitate to share the ideas with Family or friends that you may also be interested in.

New trend in fashion & eyes

Trends in makeup lips and eyes


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