Ombre hair for brunettes

Today I want to share with all the girls that visit us some ideas of ombre hair for brown hair, many women think that the only ones lucky with this tendency can be blond girls or with light hair, but it is not, there are also alternatives that are seen Incredible in brown hair and the ideas that I found today will show you. I hope all the options that I found are to your liking and you dare to change of look soon Come in to try it!

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The tonalities of the wicks can vary a lot depending on how clear you want them, the brown hairs look amazing in caramel or straw tones but without reaching a blonde end, you can tint these wicks to make them look natural sparkles Of your hair. The point of this trend is to make your hair look more natural, as if it were a natural gradient of your hair, so it is good to choose a professional stylist because when a job like these are not well made it is very noticeable difference in color Natural to false.

I invite you to look at the gallery below where you can see all the ideas of ombre hair for brown hair that I found to show you, I hope you like the ideas a lot, do not forget that you can share them with family or friends that you think They may interest you.

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