plus size outfits with peplum blouses

Plus size outfits with peplum blouses If you are a plus size woman and you do not know what to wear to favorescas but your figure will not breaks the head more , I leave some incredible ideas to highlight the most of your figure and even if you did not know these clothes those […]

sports outfits for plus size women

sports outfits for plus size women The time of exercising can resultarnos lot more comfortable if we always choose clothes suitable often do not pay much attention to the attire but it is more important than we think , if you’re a woman large size these ideas you ‘ll love for you to create the […]

Fashion sunglasses for summer 2016

Fashion sunglasses for summer 2016 The hot season has begun and with it temperatures have not stopped rising must be prepared and protect our eyes from the harsh rays of the sun, but with the bonus of seeing incredible , but we want to share on this occasion some ideas lens fashion for this summer […]

Outfits in green tone military

Outfits in green tone military On this occasion I want to share some great ideas of outfits you can wear this spring in military green , I hope you like them. Joint military green since I can remember have imposed trend, and imposed this color much because it denotes a lot of security and confidence […]

Lace on your clothes is the new trend

Lace on your clothes is the new trend Add lace to our garments is a trend that came very strongly, I think an excellent choice for use in the spring and summer as one of the garments in which more looks certainly is in denim shorts , look incredible . It is very easy to […]

Fashion ideas for curvy girls

Fashion ideas for curvy girls Always looks great whatever your size outfits with these ideas I share Super fashionistas you today , for girls with curvy bodies , are incredible all the ideas I hope you like them. The curves today are no longer fought with fashion , contrary every day there are more myriad […]

Fashionable blouses for summer 2016

Fashionable blouses for summer 2016 Every six months the trends that prevail in every season of the year, with this we saturate new and emerging trends , personally I think that the trends of 2016 have undoubtedly been the best because we are evolving by leaps and bounds in the shows field of fashion do […]

Black and white outfits

Black and white outfits It is said that the white color reflects purity , lightness and positivity . The black instead represents elegance and formality. Although white always prevails in summer and day and black in winter and at night, these colors alone or in combination , shine in all seasons. The black and white […]

Midi pleated skirt outfit

Midi pleated skirt outfit From 2015 came the trend midi skirts with giant prints, smooth , striped fabrics that were more fashionable , with wide patoles or just smooth skirts with a little volume. This year marks a new trend in midi skirts that are the same style, the same length that characterizes this time […]

Palazzo pants outfit

Palazzo pants outfit The palazzo pants are back again to become a trend. In sober or strong, loose and comfortable colors, palazzos are a garment with style and personality. You can not recharge much your outfit when to use them and you should be careful how you combine them. Therefore, I will show you some […]

Weisted shorts outfits

Weisted shorts outfits Today I want to share some ideas of outfits super- ideal parents for this spring and summer outfits that deal with that you can build with denim shorts cut at the waist. High-waisted shorts are an ancient trend that rose from the dead. After enduring hip shorts for so long, you probably […]

Outfits with flats

Outfits with flats The flats have become the most important and essential in the closet of any woman allies someone denies me , and thanks to its practicality and comfort keeps us at ease and can perform all activities we need to do in the course of our day. Another advantage I see is that […]

Outfits ideas colorblocking

Outfits ideas colorblocking On this occasion I want to share a super original fashion gallery , where I will talk about a very strong trend and has become a favorite of many fashionistas and fashion lovers , this is the colored trend block or color blocking is to combine in one smooth styling several pieces […]