Seating chart wedding ideas

Performing a wedding in big need of many details from the smallest to the largest for the celebration a success, not all brides have the chance to hire a wedding planner to achieve your dream wedding this because some charge more than they can spend brides on their wedding, so do not worry about this.

You’re not the first nor the last one girlfriend who organize your wedding from beginning to end , only I recommend that at the end of the day designate a person of your entire confidence all that remained pending for that day and the perfect day happen.

On this occasion I want to share some very important tips to avoid creating chaos on the day of the celebration, will facilitate many things before the wedding you take some time and plan on which people sit at that table with other guests , this to create a better environment because it has come to pass that your best friends do not coincide at the same table because they are already busy places, or that your family is the corner of the desk because your cousins sat next to you, in order , there are many details that can occur and you better beĀ forewarned.

I recommend you do a list with the number of tables you list each and then put that people sit in the number table one in two in three, and so on, the wedding day you can put this ready to enter the reception, the host or person indicating them can check their places and head to the table that corresponds to them , it seems an excellent idea are not you? I hope you like the options you leave here in the gallery below , enjoy it .


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