Short hair with different shades of red



Red hair for years has been a favorite of the bold and sexy women, who like to draw attention and above all feel very sure of themselves, this color is not for everyone seriously though you dare to try it one day your same whether you will notice this color is not for you.



To start you should take into account some aspects before daring to paint your hair this color, the first is your skin tone, almost all skin types can paint this color but must have a pink apiñonado or white appearance for enhancement his tone. Short hair is a very strong trend in 2016 and believe that together would be a total boom as in the images that really right now in the gallery below, as short hair refines facial features, it can be completely straight or scruffy rebels and waves, it all depends on your style.



The mixture of red is also a great guy flashes option or simply combine two red or more for several shades look in the hair, I hope you like the options I found to share you, remember that you can share these images with friends and family those who think they also like the theme.



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