Disheveled chongos 2017 – 2018

Disheveled chongos 2017 – 2018 In fact the disheveled chongos are the only option accepted before society as a hairstyle but at the beginning of their trend everyone called you fodonga for not combing if you brought one of these. But it was seen everywhere, even in runways so fashionistas, bloggers and celebrities more important […]

Haircuts for summer

Haircuts for summer Today I want to share with all our readers some haircut ideas for the summer 2017 that are undoubtedly the best options you can find anywhere, are haircuts that have gone around the world through social networks, instagram The pinterest. Leaving thus hundreds of different proposals with which we can renew our […]

Hairstyles collected for brides 2017

Hairstyles collected for brides 2017 Today I will share a very special post, dedicated to all the girls who are in preparation for the wedding or who are soon married, since one of the details that we can leave until the end of the preparations is our hairstyle and makeup That special day, you can […]

Styles of braids in buns

Styles of braids in buns One of the hairstyles that can not miss anything in the world in your hair especially this season of heat are the chongos, these hairstyles that came to facilitate the existence, since they are a hairstyle very easy to achieve and that gives us the feeling of Be combed all […]

(Español) 30 Ideas para cabello rubio y corto

Como podrás imaginar lograrlo depende de varias sesiones de decoloración si es que tu cabello natural no es muy claro, ademas el mantenerlo también sugiere decoloraciones fuertes. Si tu cabello se esta debilitando te recomiendo que así como lo retocas lo nutras, con mascarillas, pueden ser naturales o comerciales, como sea pero dale una recompensa […]

32 Stylish hairstyles for special occasions

32 Stylish hairstyles for special occasions Today I will share 32 elegant hairstyles for special occasions that you will love and it is that we can all cross commitments of more label for which we have to show a perfect hair, that is why today I gave to the task of Look for hairstyles of […]

Party hairstyles easy to make

Son muchos los estilos de peinados que encontré  los cuales te van a servir de mucha ayuda a la hora que tengas que peinarte para todas las fiestas o compromisos que tengas, muchos peinados se centran en usar trenzas que es un elemento que no puede faltar en cualquier peinado para un evento especial, también […]

Hairstyles for brides

Hairstyles for brides Today I want to share some ideas to all those women who are about to get married and want ideas that inspire them to choose the ideal hairstyle for their special day. I went to the task of looking for the most recurring hairstyles on the net and I found many very […]

Hairstyles collected for special events

Hairstyles collected for special events  It never fails that an event or occasion arises when we have to dress and make up very elaborately, when this situation presents itself we have no idea how we can go dressed or dressed for the occasion, if this happens to you regularly you need See ideas that inspire […]

Trendy hairstyles you should try already!

Incredible outfits for exercise Hay algunas chicas que prefieren ante todo usar el cabello suelto, pero si están enfadadas de verse siempre de la misma manera pueden intentar con una variación, puede ser unas ondas, otro día el cabello lacio, otro con una trenza, media cola, etc. Entre las ideas que encontré se verán opciones […]

Different ways you can comb your hair long

Different ways you can comb your hair long Many women currently choose to wear long hair, if you are the ones who prefer long hair before the short let me share some ideas that will inspire you to comb different hair, you will find in the gallery that I prepared different hairstyles Are going to […]

Amazing hair styles you should try

Amazing hair styles you should try   Are you looking for a new look? Well you’re in the right place! Since the day today I want to share some incredible proposals hair styles you should try if you’re looking for something different, look and feel different with you, short hair is one of the best […]

Short hair with different shades of red

Short hair with different shades of red     Red hair for years has been a favorite of the bold and sexy women, who like to draw attention and above all feel very sure of themselves, this color is not for everyone seriously though you dare to try it one day your same whether you […]

Hairstyles trend Try it!

Hairstyles trend Try it!     Today I want to share a very nice gallery of hairstyles that are very much in trend and look beautiful and can use them for any occasion, I hope you like them much our proposals.   Are hair as black blouses, which are a staple, and we can try at […]