Weekly Fashion Findings

Weekly Fashion Findingsa In this post I will share very special information, as I started the task of looking for the most sought after pieces around the world in the field of fashion. So if you like fashion, surely this information will charm you. It is nothing that can not be distinguished since all the […]

Oxfords shoes 2017

Oxfords shoes 2017   About 3 years ago oxfor shoes became the sensation between celebrities and us the mere mortals, as we surrendered to their charms, comfortable, versatile and that we could carry practically anywhere. Then with the arrival of the trend of metallic shoes were gradually transformed and at the end of 2016 returned […]

Nude shoes ideal for lengthening your legs

Nude shoes ideal for lengthening your legs Today I want to share different designs of nude shoes ideal for lengthening your legs, if you are a very short girl or if you want to see simply taller, do not hesitate to make yourself at least a pair of these beautiful sneakers. It is worth mentioning […]