Balayage for brunettes

Fashion Hairstyles Trendy hair cuts for men and women Haircuts for summer Back the haircut in layers Hairstyles collected for brides 2017 Brown hair tones for brunettes How to Keep Your Hair Healthy in Summer Hair in reddish tones A trend that does not go out of style! Balayage for brunettes Since they came the […]

Fashion Hairstyles

Fashion Hairstyles As you can see in the title of the post today I want to show you some fashionable haircuts that will inspire any woman to change the look already. Because we are mid-year and no one could use a makeover, do not you think? In addition with the heat that does at present […]

Styles of braids in buns

Styles of braids in buns One of the hairstyles that can not miss anything in the world in your hair especially this season of heat are the chongos, these hairstyles that came to facilitate the existence, since they are a hairstyle very easy to achieve and that gives us the feeling of Be combed all […]

Back the haircut in layers

Back the haircut in layers   Today I want to share with all our readers who returns the haircut in layers, as all the fashions the layers in the hair came back we do not know if this time to stay but the truth is that they favor incredibly other current tendencies in terms of […]

2017 color designs that will inspire you to change your look

2017 color designs that will inspire you to change your look Nobody is wrong with a change of look from time to time, and we are already halfway through the year and surely many girls who proposed to change their look entering the year still do not, this can be for many things, some that […]

ombre hair for brunettes

Ombre hair for brunettes Today I want to share with all the girls that visit us some ideas of ombre hair for brown hair, many women think that the only ones lucky with this tendency can be blond girls or with light hair, but it is not, there are also alternatives that are seen Incredible […]

Color ideas for all hair types

Hair color for brown skin Hay opciones para todos los gustos, unos de los estilos mas imitados de los últimos tiempos sin duda han sido los balayage, mechas californianas, mechas tiger eye que es la tendencia mas nueva de color y le va perfecto a todos los colores de cabello, desde los mas rubios hasta […]